Lighting is the element that most of all can create atmosphere in every place, showing the beauty of it. In order to do this, we have all the necessary lighting equipment: motorized spotlights, profile spots, color wheels, led battery-powered centerpieces and more.

Our light designers have the experience to recommend you the best possible solutions available for your venues and be by your side in order to create the perfect event.

Our services

Thanks to its passion and its know-how, Family Studio has developed the experience to create a perfect balance between light and pathos, energy and comfort, music and environment.


Give volume to your emotions


Give an image to your ideas


Illuminate every environment and give shape to your imagination


Make your events unforgettable

Rental Service

Family Studio also offers a rental service that allows you to have all the best audio, video and lighting equipment always at your disposal. All products are CEE pursuant and constantly revised.


by Family Studio

Through the years, Family Studio has always embraced innovation, looking for the latest technologies available in order to offer quality and avant-garde solutions. 

Serendipity by Family Studio is a line of battery-powered products perfect to enrich the set-up of your wedding, gala dinner, private and corporate event. They were selected to obtain high quality and beautiful light effects, able to leave everyone unexpectedly happy and astonished, like serendipity does.